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1.Applications for Probate & *Administration of Wills.,


2. Writing of Wills , simple and complex including Urgent after hours requests Tel 612 9281 3230 Cell Mobile 61 409813622 (0409813622) Bus Hours 02 9016 7923 (*including Wills with tax efficient trusts after death = "* Testamentary Trusts)

- All quoted with a fixed range of fees and lump sums ( Note :in N.S.W. Australia Probate and Administration Applications are governed by a *fixed Fee Scale per Supreme Court Rules/regulations.)

Note : For those Persons who die "Intestate " with no Will ;if it is a large Estate it may still be possible to save tax and protect assets/property by creating trusts after death for beneficiaries(persons to receive money/property - their inheritance) but only in proportion to what the applicabale intestacy rules allocate to them of such property